We are youth of IIITD who come together to create positive, lasting change in our community.



The main goal of doing this project was to learn and udnerstand how to create a website from scratch and incorporate a backend into it.


Team Members

Team Members Responsibility
Parikshit Pruthi (Group leader) Front end coding, layout and design
Vasu Agarwal Back end coding and database handling, Wikipage
Deepanshu Dabas Front end coding, Wikipage
Pulkit Goel Front end coding, Content writing






Area and initial planning of website

After choosing the subtopic i.e. institution/club website really quick, the four of us spent hours discussing the theme of the club. We realized that IIITD needs a club for social causes such as plantation and cleanliness drives, blood donation camps and other social causes. Thus, we chose this topic and made a website on IIITD Social Club.

The four of us sat down and planned the initial layout of the design. After several modiciations, this is how the layout looked on paper - 



Tools and Platforms used

1. XHTML and CSS
2. HTML5
3. Java Script 
4. JQuery
5. Bootstrap
6. PHP and MySQL

We have hosted the website on a custom apache server and several tutorials from codecademy, w3schools, tutorialpoints and forum discussions on stackoverflow helped us achieve this website.


Step by step learning journey

^ We started by distributing the work amongst all the members, with each of us starting to learn how to carry out their responsibilities.

^ All of us went through several tutorials, youtube videos and forum discussions to understand and learn the concepts.

^ After grasping the concepts that we studied, we started coding by creating the common header and footer for all the pages. We kept in mind the layout and design we had thought of initially and wrote all the codes from scratch without using any templates.

^ After all the html and php pages were complete and XAMPP running on the system, we started linking them and finally gave it the appropriate final touches it required.


Snippets of codes



Main page